Pool area

Exercise, fun and relaxation for all ages with our natural brine pool.

Our 25-metre pool is ideal for fitness activities, and the big waves are a fun way for families to spend the weekends or school holidays.

The attraction area and the 85-metre slide allow families with children to try out and play with a variety of different things.

Our little visitors will love the elephant slide and the turtle in the toddler pool.

The natural brine area with jacuzzi beds is perfect for health and relaxation.

Wellenspiel - Slider - Schwimmbrille liegen auf den Fließen
Wellenspiel - unendlicher Sommer!
Wellenspiel - Außengelände - Frau liegt auf einem Liegestuhl, genießt die Sonne
Wellenspiel - Genießen Sie die Sonne!
Wellenspiel - Außengelände - Kinder und Erwachsene haben Spaß im Wasser
Wellenspiel - Außenanlage – Schwimmbecken
Wellenspiel - Innenhalle - Kinder und Erwachsene schwimmen im Wasser
Wellenspiel - Innenhalle
Wellenspiel - Außengelände - ein Junge spielt mit dem Ball im Wasser
Wellenspiel - Innenhalle – Kinderspaß

Sports pool

Activities to try in our sports pool: floating in the wave pool, swimming laps, courses, seniors' swimming and our diving area with 3 m and 1 m springboards.

The sports pool has 25-metre lanes according to competition pool dimensions. The pool width amounts to 12.5 metres and can be divided into 5 lanes if needed. The pool depth can be adjusted from 0 to 1.80 m, starting at the centre of the pool. The water temperature is 28° C.

Toddler pool

The toddler pool has a temperature of 32° C. It is located right next to the dining area, so parents can lean back and watch their little ones having fun in the water with the spray turtle.

Big Slide

Sliding fun in the 85-m stainless steel slide with glass roof.

Natural brine pool

A bath in natural brine at a water temperature of 34° C can work wonders in the cold season – especially if you combine it with a sauna session. The natural brine in our brine pool has a concentration of 3 %, which is roughly equivalent to the salinity of North Sea water. All valuable minerals and trace elements dissolved in the brine, including their anions and cations, remain in the water and can permeate deep into the body.

Analysis by the Institut Fresenius (with 30 % brine):

Cations in mg/l:
Lithium 4.2; sodium 121.000; potassium 692; ammonium 2.5; magnesium 185; strontium 19; barium 0.054; manganese 0.092; iron 0.12

Anions in mg/l:
Chloride 190600; bromide 67; iodide 0.02; nitrate 55; sulphate 3563; hydrogen phosphate 0.06; hydrogen carbonate 143


Experience the pleasant power of the sun all year round on our two sunbeds of the Ergoline 300 and Ergoline 600 brand.

The Ergoline 300 is a sunbed with a customisable neck and facial tanner running at least 2.5 minutes per unit.

The Ergoline 600 is a sunbed with customisable neck and facial tanner, ventilation control and music, running 2 minutes per unit.

Chips for the solarium are available at the ticket counter near the entrance.

Treat yourself to the nice feeling of a healthy tan!

Wave pool

A whale of a time for the whole family! Experience the ocean and the play of the waves.

The wave pool is active every hour from 11:00 am to 8:00 pm on Saturdays, Sundays, public holidays and during school holidays (Saxony).

Our Family Friday awaits you with interesting, varied programmes every Friday from 3:00 pm to 5:30 pm (excluding school holidays in Saxony and public holidays).

If a Friday coincides with a public or school holiday, the wave pool starts at 12:00 pm.